'The Crown' casts its Prince William, Kate Middleton for Season 6

The Crown has projected its Prince William and Kate Middleton for Season 6.

Cutoff time revealed Friday that Rufus Kampa will play a teen William,

while Ed McVey will depict the sovereign in his later high schooler and early grown-up years.

Meg Bellamy will play Kate in the new time of the Netflix show.

Kampa will show up in episodes that investigate how the British imperial family

adapted to the demise of William's mom, Princess Diana, who passed on at age 36 in August 1997.

Episodes with McVey will highlight William and Kate's romance,

including the way in which they met at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland, in 2001.

Assortment affirmed the projection and said Season 6 would start creation in the fall.