Conquers outfielder Marcell Ozuna was captured and accused of DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane, Atlanta's CBS 46 reports.

Ozuna was set up for Gwinnett County Jail at 4:39 am, per the report. 

The Braves have not yet remarked regarding this situation.

It's the second time in the beyond 15 months that Ozuna has been captured.

The 31-year-old was captured in May 2021 on threatening behavior charges,

which brought about an extensive stay on semi-voluntary vacation and Ozuna in the end getting a retroactive suspension under Major League

Baseball's joint aggressive behavior at home, rape, and kid misuse strategy.

Crime accusations against Ozuna were dropped and supplanted by a couple of wrongdoing accusations (family brutality battery and straightforward attack) in August.

He concurred in September to go into a six-month aggressive behavior at home mediation program,

notwithstanding 200 or more long stretches of local area administration, to outrage the board directs.