'Inside Out' is getting a sequel

Amy Poehler, the voice of Delight in the 2015 film Back to front,

has reported that Disney's Pixar is making a continuation of the Oscar-winning blockbuster.

Chief Kelsey Mann, maker Imprint Nielsen, and author Meg LeFauve

are working diligently on the all-new experience inside the head of now-teen Riley

who might possibly be feeling a wide range of new Feelings,

the Disney site expressed Friday after Poehler's disclosure at the D23 Exhibition.

The continuation is set for discharge in the summer of 2024.

No further projecting has been declared, however, the first film highlighted

the voice abilities of Kaitlyn Dias as center school understudy Riley and Phyllis Smith,

Bill Hader, Lewis Dark, and Mindy Kaling as the representation of Riley's sentiments.