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About Fathers’ Day 2022 Date in Bangladesh

Dad means the shade of the banyan tree. Dad means dependence. The scripture says- ‘Father is heaven, father is religion, father is paramang tapah. Priyante is the supreme deity in the image of father. It means – ‘Father is religion, father is heaven, father is absolute austerity. Father’s Day is one of those days when father’s love for his child is eternal. ‘Today is that day. World Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. Although this idea is prevalent in the western world, the day is also celebrated in our country.

The first Father’s Day initiative was in 1906. The day was first celebrated on July 5 in Fairmont, West Virginia, USA. Then in 1978, the then President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, officially designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. In 1982, President Richard Nixon introduced the practice of celebrating Father’s Day nationally every year. With the help of social media, the day is celebrated in a more stylish way. Today, children will express their love to fathers all over the world. Give gifts with love. The walls of Facebook and Instagram will be filled with pictures of dear father. Those whose parents are alive will happily upload pictures. And those who do not have a father, they will post a picture of the father, write about the father and reminisce.

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Since the birth of the child, both the parents have brought up the child. No one’s responsibility is less than anyone else’s. In the modern age, the importance of father in a single family is immense. In many families both parents earn. But still in many families of our country father is the only earning person. All the expenses of the family are covered by the father’s income. The father sacrifices everything for the physical and mental development of the child. Many parents feed their children even after eating half of it. Parents play a key role in developing the child as a healthy person. The father’s ideals, values, thoughts have a profound effect on the child. That is to say, the child learns to walk holding the father’s hand. The father has been teaching the child to learn since childhood. The father’s life is spent on the welfare of the child.

At present many parents are not well. Many parents have lost their jobs, many have lost their income. Even after that, the father is keeping the child in his arms by enduring all the hardships. He is constantly trying to put a smile on the baby’s face. Children today will pay tribute to their father’s suffering.

Fathers’ Day 2022 Date In Bangladesh

Fathers’ Day19 June 2022

When is Father’s Day 2022 in Bangladesh?

This year Father’s Day is 19 June 2022

Due to the significance of the event, it is very important for the people of Bangladesh to keep up to date with Father’s Day 2022. People living in Bangladesh can get information about Father’s Day and its expected date in the country. This information is also good for those who are planning to visit Bangladesh in the coming days and do not know much about Father’s Day or any other event. You can share this page with your friends or family members. If you want to read more about other events in Bangladesh, you can see them on their respective pages.

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